Student Ambassador Program

Modul University Vienna offers students the chance to become part of the Student Ambassador Program. This program is aimed at involving motivated students to support in events and marketing and recruitment activities.

Student Ambassadors at Modul University Vienna are current students who act as a "link" between the university and the outside community. By providing insight into their experiences at Modul University, they give others an idea of what it's like to study here. The activities done by the student ambassadors are partly voluntary and partly honorary (for more information please contact the program coordinator, Elizabeth Schwarcz).

· Excellent communication and presentation skills

· Interest in the field of marketing and  sales

· Excellent organizational skills

· Enthusiastic and friendly personality

· Significant amount of pride for being an MU student

· Excellent self-initiative drive and flexibility

· You have already passed the first semester of your studies at MU and you have at least two semesters of studying at MU to go

· Good academic history (no previous misconduct)

· Creative ideas for the development of promotional activities for MU

· Willingness to travel

· Willingness to organize presentations of MU Vienna study programs:

- For Bachelor students: in high schools in your home country

- For Master students: in your former university

Applications for the Student Ambassador Program are either announced in the Modul University Vienna Community Group or students can apply on their own self-initiative. All students interested in becoming a Student Ambassador or who would like to find out more should contact the Student Ambassador Program Coordinator, Elizabeth Schwarcz.

The final decision on acceptance to the Student Ambassador Program will be made internally based on the strength of the above-mentioned traits of the applicant and availability of Student Ambassador positions.

For those students interested in obtaining the Intercultural Certificate, please note that only the voluntary activities that you do as part of the Student Ambassador Program will be counted for the Intercultural Certificate. The amount of points that you receive for each activity differs based on performance and the time that you have invested for these activities. This decision will be made by the Student Service Center.