Going from Modul

In order to participate in one of the exchange programs and to have the partner university’s credits transferred, five steps are necessary to complete.

Browse through the list of Modul University Vienna’s partner universities, and visit the websites to find the universities which maintain an exchange program that seems suitable for your exchange. Keep in mind that some universities have different academic year schedules than MU, so plan your stay accordingly.

For detailed information on the universities, contact the respective liaison officer.

In preparation, do not take enrichment courses at MU before going on exchange. Speak to your liaison officer about which courses are an option for you to take at the partner university. Usually credit for enrichment courses is most easily transferred.

The minimum course load when going abroad is 15 ECTS. The maximum course load is 30 ECTS.

Download the "Application for Student Exchange" form. When filling it out, you must propose three partner universities. Please indicate the order of your preference (1-3). Please submit the following documents to Ben Calhoun (benjamin.calhoun@modul.ac.at):

  1. Application form
  2. Your CV (incl. photo)
  3. Motivation letter (Why do you want to go abroad? How would it help you personally, professionally, academically? What is it about the partner universities you selected? Etc.)

Being chosen for an exchange semester is based on many factors including spots available, academic performance, extracurricular engagement, and placement suitability/compatibility.

The selection process will also take into consideration whether you have been a MU buddy for an incoming exchange/international student at a semester's start. It is highly recommended that you partake in this important program to help new, incoming, exchange/international students.

Exchange placement allocation is decided by the team of Modul University Vienna's liaison officers.

Once nominated for an exchange semester, you still need to officially apply to the partner university. After being accepted, you need to ensure the transfer of credits. In order to do this, the equivalency of the courses that will be attended at the partner university first has to be assessed.

Download the “Application for Course Equivalency Assessment​​​​​​​” form. Have a look at the partner university’s study program and select the courses you would like to attend and the courses of your study program to which credits should be transferred. Students are strongly advised to consult with their liaison officer about their course selections and how to best fulfill the remaining MU curriculum. Have your liaison officer sign this form and give it to Benjamin Calhoun (Benjamin.Calhoun@modul.ac.at) before you leave for your exchange.

For information on Erasmus visit here.

The minimum course load at a partner university is 15 ECTS. The maximum course load is 30 ECTS.

MU's International Officer can put you in touch with the international office at your chosen partner university. This office and the partner university’s website can aid you greatly in planning the further details of your stay. You should be able to find out information concerning the legal prerequisites (visa etc.), living costs, accommodation options etc. The International Officer as well as the liaison officer can also assist you if problems or questions arise.

Please note that some universities have different academic calendars than at Modul University Vienna. If you need to leave early, it is crucial that you communicate this at the beginning of the semester to work out the assignment and attendance details with your professors.

Upon return from your semester abroad, you need to finalize the transfer of credits. To do this, download theApplication for Credit Transfer” form and fill in the courses you attended at the partner university. Submit this form along with the partner university’s transcript of records and the course syllabi to the International Officer at the Academic Office.

Once finally approved by your liaison officer, the credits will be transferred to your MU Vienna curriculum.