Going from Modul

Please see below the steps to take when planning your exchange.

Students are advised to plan on going in the 3rd, 4th, or 5th semester of their studies. When planning your courses in advance, do not take enrichment courses at MU before going on exchange. At the partner universities, students are most likely able to take courses equivalent to enrichment courses.

For more information about exchange within Europe, check out the Erasmus Student Network Guide.

Short-track students are not able to go on exchange - a minimum of 130 ECTS have to be completed at MU.

For more information, please contact Ben Calhoun (benjamin.calhoun@modul.ac.at) with the ACO

Exchange for MSc students will be developed over the course of the future based on demand and interest. Please contact Ben Calhoun (benjamin.calhoun@modul.ac.at) with the ACO for more details.

  • For SPRING Semester Exchanges - June 30th
  • For FALL Semester Exchanges - January 15th

As a student of Modul University you can use for free the service www.housinganywhere.com. Before leaving for your exchange rent out your room to an incoming exchange students using this platform. You will avoid paying double rent and make sure that you will get back your room when you return. In order to use the service you will have to use your student email address. Make sure, that you have the permission from your landlord. Since Housing Anywhere is an international student housing platform you can also book your room using the Secure Booking Service before arriving to your exchange destination.