Administrative Services

The Administration Office has a wide range of tasks and consists of the Managing Director's Office and several other service departments.

In addition to many other tasks, the Administration Office is particularly responsible for coordinating marketing activities and for establishing and running projects that intend to maximize the efficiency of internal University operations.

You can find the Administration Office located on the ground floor of the University building.


t: +43 1 320 3555-101
f: +43 1 320 3555-902
e: officesymbolmodul.acpunktat

Managing Director's Office

Mag. Christian Hoffmann Managing Director

Mag. Andreas Schweighofer Assistant Managing Director

University Communication Office

Elisabeth Sekulin-Kosmath Head of Marketing & Communications

Will Campbell Marketing & Media Coordinator

Erin Stewart, BA Media & Communications Manager

Admissions & Student Services

Dr. Markus Bernhard Head of Admissions & Services

Carina Becker, BBA Admissions & Recruitment Officer

Antonia Baumgartner, MA Head of Student Services

Darrah Lustig, MA Student Communications Coordinator

Glen Dalton Student Services Coordinator

Recruitment & Development

Ioana Benea, MSc Recruitment & Marketing Manager

Katrin Malcheva, BBA Recruitment & Marketing Manager

Modul Career

Ellen Padilla MODUL Career Officer


Isabella Krasser Administration and Accounting Manager

Yasmin Eder Administration and Accounting Officer

Clarissa Ortmayr Student Accounts Officer


Mag. Claudia Buchmayer Librarian

Martin Weidinger Librarian

Facility Management

Michael Straube Event & Facility Manager

Bernhard Krautz Cafeteria

Gabriela Simon Cafeteria

Jürgen Friedelt Technical Officer

Information System Services

Saeed Ghasempoor IT Support

Padmanabhan Dasarathy, MBA Software Developer

Farshad Qhayati IT Support