BPr Hotel Management

BPr in Hotel Management


Bachelor Professional (BPr) in Hotel Management is designed for individuals with several years of relevant professional experience in the hotel and tourism industry who want to deepen their knowledge and advance  their career path. A joint program delivered by both the Austrian Hotel Association (ÖHV - Österreichische Hoteliervereinigung) and Modul University Vienna, students benefit from the leading expertise of both institutions. In contrast to other bachelor programs, the BPr, is a ‘continuing education’ program that requires previous industry experience rather than a high school diploma as an entry requirement.


BPr in Hotel Management provides a theory-based education with a strong focus on practical application. The program duration is flexible, with students being able to choose a fast track and complete studies in just three years, or if a longer study duration is more suitable to fit around your career, this is also possible. As such, this program is specifically designed to equip hospitality professionals with an academic insight into the complex and ever-evolving industry of hotel management and/or tourism; leading to a qualification that ensures career development.


The program requires the completion of 180 ECTS, and previous working experience can be credited to a maximum of 60 ECTS.


As a Bachelor Professional student, you have the versatility to tailor your curriculum to complement your existing experience, or to deepen your knowledge in particular areas of interest.

A compulsory module introduces students to principal concepts of managing a hotel; from marketing, accounting, and finance, as well as understanding the economies in which the business operates. The program further offers courses in specialized areas taught by expert lecturers and professors, aiming to provide a deep understanding of the industry.

Why should you choose BPr Hotel Management ?

This program is the perfect choice for individuals in the hotel industry who are looking to futher their career opportunities with a qualification.

The unique aspect of this bachelor program is that applicants do not require a high school diploma for direct entry. Instead we require applicants to be able to demonstrate serveral years of relevant industry experience.

Moreover, this study program allows flexibiltiy - not only can students tailor their studies towards areas of this dynamic industry that most interest or best serve them in their careers, but also the study duration can be extended in order to fit around employment.