BSc Applied Data Science

BSc in Applied Data Science

Learn how to manage Big Data

The emergence of big data, such as from the Web and social networks, including the continuous advancements concerning tools and methods for analyzing data offer promising career opportunities for data science graduates. Interdisciplinary data scientists who know how to apply theoretical data science knowledge to solve real world problems in the field of business and services are particularly in demand. Data scientists support managers in their fundamental goal of making data-driven decisions. Furthermore, ubiquitous data collection and processing capabilities enable decision makers to adapt business strategies in a fast-changing environment. Solving complex, real-world problems in a wide variety of industry and services requires specialized skills in big data processing, analysis, reporting, visualization, machine learning, web and computer programming, as well as a fundamental understanding of business management.

Modul University’s overall objective of the Bachelor of Science in Applied Data Science program is to create a hands-on learning experience in these specialized skills, with a strong focus on the practical application of the tools and methods to numerous problems among different industries. This focus is manifested in a great variety of teaching methods reflecting applied learning practices, such as real-world projects, case studies, and collaborations with experts and professionals. A mix of individual and group work further enables the development of soft skills, such as time management and the ability to work in a team.

In the Bachelor of Science in Applied Data Science program, students should be interested in:

  • Statistics and programming
  • Data science and engineering
  • Management and problem solving
  • Trends and ethical aspects of data management

Professional Experience

The 3-year study program includes a Professional Capstone Project that is foreseen in the 6th semester before graduation. During this project students will work on practical business cases and will be trained in teams. Completing the Professional Capstone Project successfully within one semester is mandatory in order to graduate from MU. This is how you will gain professional experience and be ready for your future career path.

Why should you choose Applied Data Science?

This program is the perfect choice for high school graduates (A-levels, Matura, Abitur, or equivalent) who are interested in learning the practical applicability of data science knowledge to various industries. Students will gain an interdisciplinary perspective on current trends in data science with a combination of quantitative methods and business administration knowledge. This will offer them the skills to pursue a career in various fields of data science in all industry.

Career opportunities for graduates of the Bachelor of Science in Applied Data Science:
Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Consultant, Machine Learning Engineer, Quantitative Analyst
Data Warehouse Architect, Business Intelligence Analyst and Marketing Analyst

In industry sectors like:
Consultancy and market research, insurance, and the financial industry, media and communication companies
Product and commerce, logistic and transport, healthcare, and research

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