BA (CE) Marketing and New Media Technologies

BA (CE) in Marketing and New Media Technologies

With our continuing education bachelor programs, your professional experience matters. Up to 90 ECTS credits can be awarded based on your work experience, existing expertise, and previous education, allowing you to accelerate your path to a BA (CE) in Marketing and Media Technologies

Offered in English, our program provides an international environment that enriches your learning experience. Our forward-thinking curriculum emphasizes digital media proficiency and emerging technologies and provides you with unique access to innovative tools such as the WebLyzard Web Intelligence platform and Storypact (AI-guided text production), ensuring you're equipped with the skills needed now and in the future. 

Unlike traditional marketing programs, our curriculum extends beyond just communication marketing practices to include modules on various aspects of modern marketing, including brand communication, digital marketing, social media marketing, interactive storytelling, immersive experiences (AR, XR, VR), generative AI and sustainability. 

Through our internship model, you will engage in real-world projects, gaining practical experience and industry-relevant insights that prepare you for your future career. 

Potential Job Roles: 

Upon completing our program, you'll be prepared for a variety of exciting career opportunities, including: 

  • Communication Manager 

  • Media Specialist 

  • Brand Manager 

  • Social Media Manager 

  • Public Relations Specialist 

  • Content Creator 

  • Communications Specialist