BSc (CE) Business Informatics

BSc (CE) in Business Informatics

Our continuing education bachelor programs offer a unique opportunity for professionals to fast-track their academic journey. With up to 90 ECTS credits awarded based on work experience, expertise, and previous education, individuals can accelerate their path to a BSc (CE) in Business Informatics

The Business Informatics study program is designed to equip students with a comprehensive skill set using information technology to address real-world business challenges. Students will gain a solid understanding of business processes, data analysis, and information management, laying the groundwork to develop custom IT systems tailored to the specific needs of an organization. 

The curriculum incorporates industry-relevant projects and internships, providing students with practical experience and exposure to current trends and challenges in the business and digital transformation landscape. While the demand for professionals in business informatics continues to grow, Modul University delivers the ONLY English Business Informatics program available!