Bachelor Specializations

The Bachelor of Science with a specialization in Entrepreneurship and Leadership* covers general business administration and managerial knowledge including human resources, marketing, finance, business informatics, economics and financial management, law and communication, and tourism and hospitality management, as well as courses specifically focused on Entrepreneurship and Governance.

The strong focus on innovative information communication technology and sustainable management strategies is unique for undergraduate university degrees in Central Europe. The values based educational concept with individual mentoring sharpens the students’ critical thinking capacities and enables them to systematically assess the working activities of a manager. Courses on current industry trends industry keep students on top of recent developments.

Students will gain an understanding of the ‘scientific method’ as a universal strategy for problem-solving in management and other areas of decision-making. They will learn how to design, plan and implement empirical projects of their own.

Courses included in this specialization

  • Entrepreneurial Innovation
  • Leadership and Power
  • The Startup Ecosystem
  • Financing New Ventures
  • Project Management
  • International Economics
  • Latest Trends in International Management
  • Strategic Planning

*title of degree on Diploma: Bachelor of Science in International Management