Bachelor Specializations

Curriculum Business Psychology

The Bachelor of Science with a specialization in Business Psychology* will introduce you to multiple aspects of psychology that provide the foundation for developing a well-reflected view of human thought, feeling, and behavior. Courses ranging from Occupational and Organizational Psychology to Consumer Psychology allow you to explore a wide range of in-depth concepts that enlighten you on the principles of workplace satisfaction and stress, group dynamics and social learning, behavioral learning and consumer decisions.

In addition to gaining comprehensive foundational knowledge of psychological concepts, you will learn how to develop and implement management strategies associated why employees, other business leaders, and yourself behave in certain ways, contributing to a better understanding of the choices consumers and decision-makers make.

Especially in this program you will benefit from MUs small class sizes and personal support by your lecturers. The international student body allows to approach the topic business psychology from various angles including psychological theory, professional & personal relationships, psychological testing, consumer choice, individual and collective behavior, while developing problem-solving skills to prepare you for day-to-day interactions.

Courses included in this specialization

  • Introduction to Social Psychology
  • Applied Methods in Psychology
  • Occupational and Organizational Psychology
  • Market and Consumer Psychology
  • Project Management
  • International Economics
  • Latest Trends in International Management
  • Strategic Planning

*title of degree on Diploma: Bachelor of Science in International Management