BBA Tourism, Hotel Management & Operations

Courses offered in the MODULE Fundamentals in Business Communication and Personal Development:

  • Human Relations and Personal Development (SE)
  • In this course, Students examine both the sociological and the applied principles of psychology, particularly with regard to relationships between individual attitudes, stereotypes, behaviors, motivations, motives, and the community. Further, topics concerning social entrepreneurship, volunteerism, community service, and sustainability will be discussed. Following the concept of ‘Service Learning’, students will engage in a social project allowing them to reflect on the theoretical concepts.

  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving (SE)
  • This course familiarizes students with a variety of techniques and systematic approaches to problem-solving, decision-making and creativity. Upon completion, students will also be able to communicate their approaches and conclusions concisely, effectively and appropriately in a variety of formats and in a cross-cultural context. A greater awareness of dimensions and approaches to critical thinking as well as its applications in the academic and professional context is developed. Throughout the course, students will reflect on their own characteristics as thinkers, learners, problem-solvers and communicators.

Lecture type:
IL – Interactive Lecture, SE – Seminar, LS – Lecture/Seminar,
LX – Lecture/Exercise, PT – Practical Training