BBA Tourism, Hotel Management & Operations

Courses offered in the MODULE Hotel Management and Operations:

  • The Hospitality Industry (LS)
  • The course is designed to provide students with information on the nature, history, organization and scope of the hospitality industry. Topics reaching form career opportunities, planning issues, hotel management and operations to finance and cost control will be covered in the course. Trends such as featuring innovative companies, new technologies, and new managements and operation techniques are cornerstones of the course.

  • Hotel Management and Operations (LS)
  • This course is designed to introduce students to the scope of the hotel industry and the organizational structure and operational mechanics of how the departments within an individual hotel operate.
    It starts with an overview of the hotel development process, organizational design and then covers all of the departments within a hotel, their purpose, structures and staffing.
    In addition, students are introduced to the issues and opportunities inherent in the development and planning of hotels with an emphasis on setting appropriate facilities requirements, understanding industry practice, and implementing properties decisions within a balanced design, operations, and financial framework.
    This course also provides an overview of the operation of hotel facilities, including operating costs for various types of facilities and the responsibilities of the engineering and maintenance department. The renovation needs of hospitality facilities are examined, and key managerial aspects of renovations are considered. Safety and security as a paramount issue in hotels is also discussed.

  • Rooms Division Management (LX)
  • The course is built on three pillars: clerical, hospitality and selling. It examines complex relationships between hotel departments, focusing on housekeeping and front office as well as technological advances and unique front office and housekeeping tools. First, students will learn about the guest cycle: pre-arrival, arrival, occupancy and departure and how this affects housekeeping and front office. Next, the course tackles aspects of revenue management, financial statements for rooms division, front office and housekeeping organization and job descriptions as well as selling techniques and handling complaints. Finally, the students will learn how to use the OPERA property management system (PMS) to set up profiles, make room reservations, check-in and check-out guests as well as rooms management procedures.

  • Hotel Business Simulation (PT)
  • This is a capstone course concluding the first year of the BBA program. Knowledge from the first two semesters relating to the areas of rooms management, marketing and sales, human resources and financial management is combined with new information to make managerial decisions in a major case study.
    This case study takes place in a simulated environment using a hotel operational training simulation software program.

Lecture type:
IL – Interactive Lecture, SE – Seminar, LS – Lecture/Seminar,
LX – Lecture/Exercise, PT – Practical Training