BSc International Management

Courses offered in the field of Principles of Science:

  • Philosophy of Science (IL)

The aim of this course is to develop students’ understanding of the key concepts and principles of The Scientific Method and of how science advances. Students learn to differentiate meaningful sentences from statements void of information content. They will recognize that there are requirements for sound scientific work and rules to how knowledge gets accumulated through theorizing and empirical investigation.

  • Research Design (SE)

The course gives a review of study design and sampling theory and an extensive introduction in exploratory designs and qualitative research methods. The focus lies on training all phases of empirical research, in particular planning, performing and evaluating which will be carried out with supervised practical work by students and in an application-oriented way on the basis of scientific questions relevant for the future life of the students. This training shall contain qualitative interviewing and observation as well as quantitative evaluation by means of appropriate computer software. The students will learn to develop and investigate their own research questions, formulate research proposal and get insights into what it takes to write an empirical research report.

Lecture type: IL – Interactive Lecture, SE – Seminar, LS – Lecture/Seminar, LX – Lecture/Exercise, PT – Practical Training