BSc International Management

Courses offered in the field of Quantitative Methods:

  • Mathematics and Statistics I (LX)
  • The course gives an introduction to basic statistical concepts and tools. The main focus will lie on descriptive statistics such as mean and median, variance and standard deviation and other measures of location and dispersion, on measures of correlation, and on graphical methods. Furthermore, an introduction to probability theory will be given as the basis for inferential statistics and the testing of hypotheses.
    The exercise serves to put into practice the theoretical issues discussed during the lecture. This seminar also has the purpose of preparing the students for the final exam of the lecture component, in which they have to demonstrate that they are able to solve statistical problems independently.

  • Mathematics and Statistics II (LX)
  • Besides a theoretical introduction to probabilistic distributions, expected values and confidence intervals, the main focus will lie on the classic statistical tests for group differences like t-tests, analyses of variance and non-parametric alternatives. Extra chapters are devoted to the analyses of categorical data and cross tables, regression, type I error inflation, power and effect size.

  • Operations Research and Forecasting (LX)
  • The seminar aims to prepare students to perform analyses to forecast and benchmark tourism demand which is important for strategic planning of a destination marketing organization, international hotel chains planning a new investment, or transportation companies evaluating a new route. Students will be instructed on the process of data retrieval and preparation and guided through the analyses during exercises in the PC lab.

Lecture type:
IL – Interactive Lecture, SE – Seminar, LS – Lecture/Seminar,
LX – Lecture/Exercise, PT – Practical Training