Certificate in Innovation and Design for Tourism

Certificate in E-Tourism and Tourist Experiences MODUL

Certificate in Innovation and Design for Tourism

This certificate offers students the opportunity to gain some further insights into how to create exceptional tourist experiences. Destinations offer similar products to increasingly demanding tourists. Therefore, it has become increasingly important to understand tourists’ needs and design exceptional experiences to maintain competitive and continuously innovate. Hotels, Restaurants, Sights and places of interest compete to attract clients. Experience Engineering and design can help such organizations to maintain a competitive edge and are at the core of successful innovation management of tourists in destinations.

Tourists increasingly use Information and Communication technology for their trip planning but also during and after their trip. Devices brought on a holiday even impact on tourist experiences at the destination. With online booking, social media usage during the trip and an abundance of travel apps, an understanding of communication technologies in tourism as well as the consumer usage and adoption is imperative. Even an integration of technology into the conceptualization and design of memorable travel experiences is necessary. This certificate is one of a kind integrating service innovation to provide outstanding experiences and information technology for a future oriented tourism education.

Students will get insights into

  • E-tourism, social media and tourism
  • Digital marketing for destinations
  • Experience design and creation
  • Design of special sector tourism such as health tourism etc

E-Tourism and Tourist Experiences Courses

Weekend Courses: Choose six of the following courses (3 ECTS each, 18 ECTS total)

  • Designing Tourism Experiences
  • Health Tourism and Hospitality
  • Strategic Marketing for Destination Marketing Organizations
  • Principles of Consumer Behavior in Tourism
  • Big Data and Decision Support
  • Telecommunications - Marketing, Branding, Sales
  • Media Asset Management and Utilization
  • Social Media Intelligence
  • Information System Management
  • Visualizations Techniques for Management