MSc in International Tourism Management

Environmental Management and Sustainability

Course Description
This course provides an overview of environmental management and policy with a strong focus on sustainable development. The overall aim is to identify the links between the natural environment and the human economy. In order to cope with resource scarcities and natural problems caused by human activity, environmental management needs to fulfill an interdisciplinary approach covering ecology, environmental economics and policy, planning and social development, etc. We will investigate how environmental governance and governance for sustainable development help to foster global environmental challenges.

The seminar often is part of an inter-university collaboration with SID – UNIDO under the title “Local initiatives for energy management.”  MODUL University joins this seminar with BOKU, TU-Wien and WU Wien. The seminar may include the participation of the SID – UNIDO workshop where students will have a chance to meet international experts. Students will present their seminar papers in a special session at the workshop.


Dr. Sabine Sedlacek


Semester Offered