MSc in International Tourism Management

International Destination Management

Course Description

The course conveys a critical understanding of managerial decision making in DMOs with special focus on:

  • assessing destination strengths and weaknesses;
  • identifying competitors and enhancing destination competitiveness;
  • and creating the basis for effective destination promotion.

Students will be able to recognize the peculiar management tasks and problems in various types of destinations and DMOs.  They will be able to pursue analysis techniques required for contemporary destination management decision making.


Learning Objectives
Students will be able to exploit destination data, contribute to optimizing the information output of travel and guest surveys, and interpret and communicate empirical results. Course participants will be capable of working in teams responsible for precisely defining the information needs of DMO managers; students must draw conclusions and relate them to practical decision making.


Prof. Dr. Josef Mazanec
M.S. Bozana Zekan


Semester Offered