MSc in International Tourism Management

Social Entrepreneurship

Course Description
This course will introduce students to the economic and ethical importance, as well as status quo, of social entrepreneurship.  This course focuses on the economic link between social entrepreneurship, business and society.  Students will work on building a sustainable social entrepreneurship project as a team dealing with issues, customers and markets, business models, financing, revenue models, investors and networks, and common issues.


Learning Objectives

  • Understanding the importance and the influence of social entrepreneurship on economic stability and development.
  • Understanding definitions and basics of social entrepreneurship.
  • Understanding the spectrum and the frame of action for social ventures.
  • Learning how to use best practice examples and tools.
  • Gaining cross-functional insights into situation and needs of social entrepreneurs.
  • Understanding requirements and key factors of success.
  • Applying insights from cases, exercises, and in-class discussions to the own local working situation.


Dr. Paul Martin Frenz


Semester Offered
Fall or Spring