MSc in International Tourism Management

Strategic Marketing for Destination Marketing Organizations

Course Description
Destination marketing has changed dramatically as the result of increasing competition and environmental change. This course takes a system approach and is designed to extend students' knowledge and experience in marketing to tourism and hospitality by first understanding the nature of competition within the tourism industry; second, by understanding the role of information technology; and third, by developing extensive analytic skills.

Learning Objectives
Students will gain a critical appreciation of

  • why people travel and how that translates into opportunities for destinations
  • how tourists experience, what experiences are, and the roles destinations can play
  • what place and destination branding is, and how operator and destination brands interface
  • how place brand experience and consumer culture interface to create memorable experiences

Teaching Methods
The course will combine lectures, team presentations, group discussion, student-centered workshops and problem-solving tasks.

Dr. Jürgen Gnoth

Semester Offered
Fall or Spring