MSc in International Tourism Management

Tourism Marketing Intelligence

Course Description
This course leads the participants to a deeper understanding of how data collected by costly surveys are exploited in a nontrivial manner to improve managerial decision quality. Students pursue this aim in a fully interactive environment and with learning-by-doing. Students learn to identify cutting edge developments in marketing research and to adjust them to a tourism environment. The main topics of the course are the advantages of a theory-based approach to analyzing tourism market data information requirements for planning marketing strategy and instrumental decisions major explanatory variables in tourist decision models the practical application of tourism market segmentation (a-priori and a- posteriori (post-hoc) strategies) and of tourist product positioning methodology new product planning in tourism

Learning Objectives
By the end of the course students will be familiar with the modern ‘Marketing Engineering’ approach and how it may be adapted for and transferred into tourism marketing analysis and decision making recognize the need for precision in outlining the manager’s information requirements learn to find out what they do not (but should) know about tourist consumers and markets in typical marketing decision situations apply the concepts and techniques to real-world problems and data

Josef Mazanec

Semester Offered
Fall or Spring