Master in International Tourism Management

Top Quality Program. This program is accredited by the United Nations World Tourism Organization’s (UNWTO) TEdQual Certification System, which focuses on the efficiency of the academic system as well as the industry relevance of the education and students’ needs regarding employability.

Tailor made education for your next career steps. Students from diverse academic and professional backgrounds are welcome in MU's International Tourism Management program. The program currently hosts students with backgrounds in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and business. MU's admissions team counsels students from non-traditional backgrounds on what courses they might need to take in order to succeed in the MSc program.

From foundation to specialization. The program offers courses designed to introduce students to the core of tourism management. Furthermore, MU students have access to cutting-edge specializations that will enhance their employability in up-and-coming sectors such as sustainable tourism, as well as digitization and tourism.

From the classroom to practical experience. The program challenges MSc students to grow and develop from students to industry players by introducing them to carefully selected mentors in the industry excellence program. Furthermore, Modul Career offers a network of more than 400 partners in tourism and hospitality to kick start our students’ careers.

Meet leading scholars. MU employs some of the top leading scholars in the field of IT & tourism as well as sustainable tourism. They are involved in EU-funded and national research projects, giving insights into e-tourism, forecasting, smart cities, sustainable food, city tourism, tourism economics, and sustainable tourism. The MU faculty is also part of various advisory boards and strategy groups including the UNWTO, ECM and European Travel Commission. Additionally, the university is a partner of the World Tourism Forum Lucerne.