MSc in Management

Conflict Management


Course Content
• Structure and dynamics of conflict episodes
• Underlying motivational elements
• Escalation /de-escalation behaviors
• Interventionist strategies and techniques
• Underlying conflict party characteristics
• Structures relevant for increasing the potential for integrative solutions
• Conflict management concepts, principles, strategies and techniques

Learning Objectives
This course will serve as an introduction to the scope and nature of conflict and conflict management. Students will become acquainted with some of the methods of conflict resolution and nonviolent change at various levels. Students will learn about their own personal conflict and communication styles, and will be introduced to various techniques of resolving conflicts. Students will also have an opportunity to develop and practice skills. In addition to the theory and exercises presented in class, students will practice managing conflicts with role-playing simulations that cover a range of topics, including difficult situations.

The course aims to change how students think about conflict, how they interact in conflict, and how they manage and resolve conflict in their daily lives. Students will learn about themselves and others and will be able to apply and integrate the concepts, strategies, and skills that they have learned in this course to their personal and professional lives. 


Dr. Ursula Christine Loisch