MSc in Management

Organizational Social Psychology and Leadership


Course Contents
This course provides an introduction to psychology and social psychology applied to business and the working environment. In particular, fundamental principles of social psychology shall be introduced and lay the basis for knowledge in the psychology of work and economic behavior. Topics will cover psychological aspects of the working individual such as motivation, satisfaction and well-being, but also the psychology of groups and larger structures such as enterprises. 


Learning Objectives
The aim of this course is to proceed to a scientific and well-reflected view about human thought, feeling and behavior in occupational settings. Students shall be able to identify psychological concepts in their work life, apply them to everyday-life-situations and be able to analyze conflict situations from a scientific viewpoint. Moreover, they shall get familiar with the core messages from organizational psychology, but also develop their social competence in professional settings.

To successfully complete this course students must:
• prove their theoretical knowledge in the social psychology of behavior in organizations
• be able to apply this knowledge to practical situations
• be able to analyze typical situations from a scientific point of view
• participate in exercises in order to increase leadership competence


Dr. Ivo Ponocny