MSc in Management

Combine a foundation in management with global business competencies. The Master of Science (MSc) in Management combines academic rigor with practical relevance. The program builds a solid foundation in general management and deepens your knowledge of global business. Through an in-depth analytical approach, you will learn to critically assess current trends and theories in management. Furthermore, you will gain a thorough understanding of the social, political and economic factors which impact global business and discover how information technology and innovation are shaping the world, preparing you for the challenges of the future.

A comprehensive curriculum. The program’s multidisciplinary curriculum integrates ethics, business intelligence, sustainability, new media, and economics alongside general management coursework. A special focus on personal development, organizational psychology, conflict management, and leadership skills instills the personal and social competences required for success in a world facing global competition and constant change. It provides you with a comprehensive framework in research methods and management, as well as field-specific content in economics and research methods, integrated management, innovation, leadership and personal skills, marketing, social psychology, and sustainability. In addition to a comprehensive management education, you can add another skill set with an optional Enrichment Course specialization.

From the classroom to practice. MU students gain insight and confidence through lively classroom debates and simulations, challenging students to link theory directly with practice. The Industry Excellence Program gives students access to industry mentors and opens doors for future jobs. MU continuously fosters the networking between students and industry experts by organizing talks and events on current affairs. In addition, students have the opportunity to engage in the MU Startup Hub.