MSc in Sustainable Development, Management and Policy

Core Courses

MSc in Sustainable Development, Management and Policy students must complete the required Core Courses and a selection of Enrichment Courses as part of their curriculum.

Specializations and Enrichment Courses

MSc in Sustainable Development, Management and Policy students have the option to focus on one of five specialization areas. A minimum of 15 ECTS points must be completed from one specialization area in order to qualify for a certificate, and an additional 3 ECTS can be completed from another area of specialization. For a general MSc in Sustainability Management students must complete 18 ECTS points made up from elective courses offered in any of the five specializations. *Courses may not be offered every year.

MSc in Sustainable Development, Management, and Policy students can specialize in the following areas:

Optional Internship

Students can choose to complete a 6 ECTS optional internship. This will reduce the required ECTS of Module IV: Enrichment Courses / Certificates with 6 ECTS.

Excellence Program

The Industry Excellence Program pairs top students of the MSc programs with senior representatives of Austrian and international companies for on-the job experience in your chosen field. Over the course of two semesters, you will be mentored by a senior-level manager to learn first-hand how management decisions are made in the modern business environment.