MSc in Sustainable Development, Management and Policy

Legal and Regulatory Framework of the EU

Course Description
The wide range of European Union (EU) activities together with an increasing number of EU Member States render EU-related competence a key asset if not a must in any professional career. But how does the EU work? How are European rules adopted and by whom? What is the legal effect of EU rules and how do they relate to national ones?

The course provides for both a critical theoretical analysis and a practitioner’s view of the EU in general and its law making process in particular.

Learning Objectives
By the end of the course the student will be able to:

  • solve problems relating to the EU in general and its decision making process in particular which the student might encounter in his or her professional life
  • discuss relevant questions in a qualified manner based on factual arguments

Various exercises, group activities and case studies will allow participants to put newly acquired knowledge immediately into practice.

Katrin Forgó

Semester Offered
Fall or Spring