Master in Sustainable Development, Management, and Policy

Learn to analyze complex interrelationships. The program challenges its students to consider a wide spectrum of sustainability issues, with special attention given to their often complex interrelationships. Students learn the skills needed to design and implement sustainable development strategies on household, business, city, regional, and national levels. 

Sustainability from a multidisciplinary view. The program invites students from diverse backgrounds to explore sustainability through a multidisciplinary lens. It builds a high level of expertise among its graduates for analyzing conditions and problems related to sustainability and for effective solution design. Students are provided with a solid multidisciplinary background that draws on material from various fields including economics, governance, social psychology, environmental sciences, geography, and management.

Tailor-made education for your next career steps. Students from diverse academic and professional backgrounds are welcome in MU's Sustainable Development, Management, and Policy program. Current SDMP students have backgrounds in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, IT, and business. The MU admissions team counsels students from non-traditional backgrounds on what courses they might need to take in order to succeed in the MSc program.