Major in Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Leadership

MBA with a Major in Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Leadership

Starting Fall 2017!

Growing businesses need to adapt to environmental and technological changes. This major will prepare students for the challenges of establishing and growing a business in today’s dynamic climate. This major communicates the skills and techniques behind entrepreneurial thought and action, imparting expertise which enables managers and entrepreneurs to make crucial decisions and compete successfully.

Our program will both provide students with the instrumental and advanced skills necessary to understand entrepreneurship. Not only does the program provide the foundation to manage, operate, grow and sustain an entrepreneurial venture but it also supports entrepreneurial activities in corporations.

The combination of core business knowledge and specific entrepreneurial know-how offers students numerous career and employment opportunities that can be quite varied and lucrative, including positions in: family-owned businesses, entrepreneurship development firms, appraisal and consulting firms, banks and financial institutions, accounting firms, insurance companies, regulatory agencies, government supported technology firms and large corporations with innovation functions, product development roles, etc.

Dean's Voice

"Entrepreneurial education is vital to economic growth while an understanding of organizational leadership vital to optimising economic performance. For Vienna, Austria and the wider region, the coupling of innovation to entrepreneurship will determine economic resilience in times of economic change. This MBA specialisation combines the key ingredients to up-skill students, while it offers a theoretical understanding and practical training on meeting the challenges of managing innovative enterprises."

Dimitris Christopoulos, Dean of Executive Education & MBA


  • The leadership qualities, management and communication skills required to be an effective leader in a corporate environment
  • Skills, foresight and planning required to be a strategic leader
  • Strategize in a volatile environment for different types of innovation (disruptive, open, design), types of organization and sectors
  • Distinguish skills for micro & macro leadership
  • Leadership & followership
  • Personal leadership styles and targeted leadership outcomes (transformational, transactional etc.)
  • Manage teams and organizations in the delivery of efficient operations
  • Advantage to organizations from an effective combination of tactical and strategic goals
  • Creating, reinforcing and dissolving teams
  • Fostering a culture of experimentation, lateral thinking and innovation
  • Managing success, dealing with lessons of failure
  • The background to the skills & ecosystem conditions underpinning start-up success
  •  Expertise vs experimentation
  •  Innovation (disruptive, open) vs invention
  •  Lean vs highly geared start-up
  •  Rebounding and learning from failure. Serial entrepreneurship
  •  Social impact & impact investing
  •  VCs, Fund Managers, markets
  • Recognize the range of alternative funding sources to new ventures and alternative investor strategies. With a particular focus on the expected rate of growth for different types of products and markets as well as the different type of investor most appropriate for the different growth phases of a company
  •  Venture capital, angel funds, loans, state support, crowd funding
  •  FFF: Friends, Fools and Family. Personal guarantees and the risks of failure
  •  Cash flow and growth
  •  Ticket size and planning for VC exit. Funding across stages and public offerings.

Entrepreneurship Project/ 6 ECTS Goals: Soft-skill application; experiential education; create value to new entrepreneurs & executives in the MBA. Offered: Once a year in the Spring term and open to all MBA students who have completed courses equivalent to 30 ECTS. Delivery: Four intensive day-long new venture leadership program. Aims Background to a Business Project and setting a start-up in Austria/EU.

  •  Learn: Doing Business in Germany/Austria/China/ Dubai/EU/US/UK. Online delivery from each country/region chosen on key facts, with practical advice and growth sectors.
  •  Engage: Entrepreneurship boot camp & competition
  •  Mentoring: Successful graduates, guest speakers & staff
  •   Network: Alumni entrepreneurs
  •   Meet: VC’s, Angels, WFW, AWS, etc.
  •   Employment: Internship placements
  •   Annual event : Entrepreneurship Forum (& competition)

• Social Entrepreneurship

• Effective Communications

• Business Plan Development

• Social Network Analysis

• Intellectual Property Rights

• Marketing, Branding, Sales

• Project Management