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Major in New Media and Information Management

The MBA with a Major in New Media and Information and Management

The MBA with a major in New Media and Information and Management is part of the MBA degree, organized as a two-year part-time program with a special focus on the radical transformation of communication and cooperation processes through new media, both within and across organizations. The program is tailored to industry professionals of different educational backgrounds with an undergraduate degree and a minimum of three years’ experience in a relevant field. All courses are taught in English.

The Program

The MBA program sharpens leadership skills by linking proven management methods to new media innovation. The curriculum not only covers general business administration and managerial knowledge including human resources, marketing, finance and operations management, but also offers specific modules on the economic foundations and successful applications of new media. The program draws upon internationally recognized research into social media monitoring and business intelligence solutions, emphasizing their impact on interactive marketing, stakeholder engagement, and virtual community building.

Seminars with renowned international experts address the advantages and limits of best practice models for electronic retailing, electronic publishing, and online marketing. New forms of virtual communication and collaboration receive particular attention given their remarkable potential to optimize information flows within and across organizations.

Core Courses

The business core focuses on fundamental business knowledge, management techniques and leadership strategies. Business core courses are offered in the fields of Leadership, Managing People, Teams and Organizations, Corporate Social Responsibility, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Competitive Analysis, Strategic Marketing, Financial Reporting, and Quantitative and Economic Analysis.

For more information on the MBA Core Courses please click here.

Enrichment Courses

Courses in New Media and Information Management cover a range of emerging topics including geospatial and semantic Web technologies, advanced user interfaces, visualization techniques, multimedia applications, mobile services, social software, and content management systems. Examples of new media enrichment courses include Media Asset Management and Utilization, Business Planning and Intellectual Property Rights, Visualization Techniques for Management, Telecommunication - Branding, Products and Distribution, Big Data and Decision Support, and Latest Trends in New Media and Human-Computer Interaction.

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