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Major in Public Governance and Sustainable Development

MBA with a Major in Public Governance and Sustainable Development

The MBA with a major in Public Governance and Sustainable Development is a unique program combining traditional business subjects with understanding and training in contemporary practices of good governance, effective public management as well as an understanding of the challenges of building economic and social well-being by preserving and protecting our shared natural environment. The program is intended for those with at least three years of professional experience who are seeking to improve their public management skills and to provide innovative leadership for government, non-profit, or mixed public-private organizations. All courses are taught in English.

The Program

This is an internationally focused two-year program with a strong focus on good governance practices of institutions and organizations operating within a larger set of regional, national and international frameworks. The shift from hierarchic government to collaborative and cooperative forms of governance requires actors to be able to design, lead, and manage programs, processes, and organizations in more efficient, effective, accountable, and responsive ways. Furthermore graduates will be qualified to negotiate, plan and implement sustainable programs and policies; design, monitor and analyze green business practices; plan regional economic development strategies that incorporate principles of sustainability; work in interdisciplinary teams and offer problem analysis and consulting.

These qualifications are widely needed in job markets around the world and the demand is rapidly growing. The study program conveys theoretical knowledge about economic, social, and political behavior with practical skills in management, leadership, innovation, and analysis. An international faculty that combines years of research within their respective areas of expertise with professional experience in management or consulting provides students with understanding not only of current best-practice but also insights into emerging practice. Graduates will leave the program with a firm foundation for lifelong professional learning in order to continue to advance their careers.

Core Courses

The business core focuses on fundamental business knowledge, management techniques and leadership strategies. Core business courses include Accounting, Financial Management, Leadership, Managing Organizations, Managing People, and Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Required enrichment courses include Public-Private Partnerships, Dispute Resolution, Negotiation and Collaborative Processes, Program Evaluation Methods, Public Administration and the Rule of Law, and e-Government.

For more information on the MBA Core Courses please click here.

Enrichment Courses

Suggested enrichment courses cover topics such as e-Government, Environmental Management, Green Business Strategies, Environmental Management, Economic Development Strategies and Policies, Social Entrepreneurship as well as Special Issues in Sustainable Development.

For more information on the Enrichment Courses in the field of Public Governance and Sustainable Development please click here.