Major in Real Estate and Hotel Development

Certificate in Real Estate Management and Hotel Development MODUL

This major is designed to deliver students with the essentials in economics, investment, valuation, law, planning, development and management of properties. It builds on interactions in the dynamic and complex real estate market and goes beyond conventional subjects by relating them to the context and development of cities and regions. Hospitality, being the highest tier of real estate is a core element in this specialization. Students will gain an appreciation of the process in property transaction such as development and investment funding.

This specialization is suitable for students who are aspiring to fulfil a leadership role in the real estate or tourism industry. It prepares them for developing their career towards senior managerial positions by focusing on critical thinking, problem solving, data-driven decision making, strategic business planning and leadership development in the milieu of real estate and hotel development.

Graduates will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to quickly and effectively contribute to the success of their company and become leaders that think creatively. It prepares them to create intelligent and sustainable urban environments.


The business core focuses on fundamental business knowledge, management techniques and leadership strategies. Core Courses include Financial Management and Reporting; Leadership; Managing People, Teams and Organizations; Entrepreneurship; Innovation; Project Management; as well as Digital Marketing.

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Enrichment courses that compliment the Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Leadership major but are not exclusive to this area: