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Major in Tourism and Hotel Development

MBA with a Major in Tourism and Hotel Development

The MBA with a major in Tourism and Hotel Development offers a unique experience for students who want to combine traditional business subjects with understanding and training in contemporary practices in tourism and hospitality planning, marketing and management. This specialization is suitable for students who are aspiring to a leadership role in tourism or who want to start up their own business in this fascinating industry. The program requires a minimum of three years of professional experience. All courses are taught in English.

The Program

This is an internationally focused two-year program with a strong focus on strategic planning, marketing and management of tourism businesses and organizations. Graduates can expect to succeed in planning, securing financing, marketing, negotiating with government authorities, developing policies, improving tax regimes, and sustaining an environment conducive to tourism development.

Past experience has shown that while many of our graduates continue contributing to the effectiveness of existing organizations, many others become entrepreneurs. The principle educational goal is to enable all graduates to contribute to efforts aimed at improving the social, economic, and cultural benefits that the leisure, tourism, and hospitality sectors can bring a local population.

The study program conveys information about topics including the main theories and practices of tourism. It introduces participants to the complexity of tourism planning, provides perspectives on tourism, global trends and issues, the tourism value chain, development theory (including land use, transportation, infrastructure, site selection, site design), and impact analysis. The study of tourist consumer behavior, including trends in market segments and source markets, is another important part of the studies. Practical training in forecasting and survey design and its analysis is provided by world-class faculty in tourism research. Economics and the finance of tourism planning includes topics like real estate development, state and local finance, role of incentives, and taxes. The pros and cons of modern technologies for tourism planning and development are discussed within the context of e-tourism. The study program conveys theoretical knowledge about economic, social, and political behavior with practical skills in management, leadership, innovation, and analysis.

An international faculty who combine years of research within their respective areas of expertise with professional experience in management or consulting provides students with understanding not only of current best-practice, but also insights into emerging practice. Graduates will leave the program with a firm foundation for lifelong professional learning to advance their careers.

Core Courses

The business core focuses on fundamental business knowledge, management techniques and leadership strategies. Core Courses include Financial Management and Reporting; Leadership, Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility; Managing People, Teams and Organizations, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, as well as Interactive Marketing.

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Enrichment Courses

Tourism and Hotel Development focused enrichment courses include Principles of Consumer Behavior in Tourism, Tourism Marketing Information Systems Design, Strategic Marketing for Destination Marketing Organizations and Hotel Real Estate Planning and Valuation.

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