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Major in Tourism and Hotel Development

The tourism industry has become the biggest employer worldwide and companies continue to require academically qualified managers. This major focuses on the complexity of tourism planning, provides perspectives on tourism, global trends and issues, the tourism value chain, development theory and impact analysis. It is suitable for students who are aspiring to leadership roles in the tourism industry or who want to start up their own businesses in this fascinating industry, and further prepares students for developing their careers towards senior managerial positions by focusing on problem solving, data-driven decision making, strategic business planning and leadership development.

Graduates with a major in Tourism and Hotel Development can expect to succeed in careers where tourism planning, securing finance, marketing, negotiating with government authorities, developing policies, improving tax regimes, and sustaining an environment conducive to tourism development, is highly desirable. Past experience has shown that while many of our graduates continue contributing to the effectiveness of existing organizations, many others have become successful entrepreneurs.


The business core focuses on fundamental business knowledge, management techniques and leadership strategies. Core Courses include Financial Management and Reporting; Leadership; Managing People, Teams and Organizations; Entrepreneurship; Innovation; Project Management; as well as Digital Marketing.

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