Master in Business Administration

MBA Tuition Fees

ProgramFees Per SemesterTotal Fees
Master of Business Administration (MBA)€8,500€25,500

Reductions on tuition fees

Full Tuition Fee Payment

Amount: 10% of total tuition
Eligibility: Applicants who opt to pay their full tuition fees in one.­

Semesterly Tuition Fee Payment

Amount:  5% of semester tuition
Eligibility: Applicants who opt to pay their tuition fees per semester. This will be applied automatically to the first semester only. From then on, for students who pay their semesterly tuition fees 'early' 5% will be deducted per semester. The deadlines for receiving this additional 'early payment reduction' are June 30th (Fall Semester) and November 30th (Spring Semester), payments received after this time will not be eligible for 5% reduction and full semester amount will be due.

European High School Reduction

Amount: 3% of total tuition
Eligibility: Applicants who will or have graduated from a high school located in Austria, the European Economic Area, United Kingdom and Switzerland will receive a reduction of 3% for the MBA program.

Siblings Reduction

Amount: 10% of the total tuition fees for following siblings
Eligibility: If you are a sibling of a current student at MU Vienna and also want to study at MU. This reduction is not related to a specific study program. 

Exchange Alumni Grant

Amount: 8% of total tuition
Eligibility: If you have visited MU Vienna as an Exchange Student and decide to continue your study at MU. 

Merit Grant

Amount: 10% of total tuition
Eligibility: The admissions committee may grant a reduction of 10% to outstanding candidates. This grant is up to the discretion of the admissions committee and no extra application is required.

Alumni Grant

Amount:  depending on your grade point average (GPA)
GPA>95%: 40% of tuition
GPA>90%: 35% of tuition
GPA>85%: 30% of tuition
GPA>80%: 25% of tuition
GPA>70%: 15% of tuition
GPA<70%: 10% of tuition

Eligibility: If you achieved an undergraduate degree at MU and choose to continue your studies at MU you are eligible for the Alumni Grant.

Digital Skills Schecks

Amount: Up to 80% of total course costs (De-minimis funding)
Eligibility: Austrian SMEs (KMUs) can make use of this funding and send their employees to courses improving digital skills. The Austrian business applies online here and will get back a fair amount of tuition. Businesses can apply until November 2022.


Educational Tax Credit

If you pursue a graduate study and work in Austria at the same time you are entitled to get educational tax back. For more information please click here.

Further resources for financial assistance 

If you are looking for funding for your graduate studies, check out the resources below. 

Fund of Excellence – Student Funding Program from Erste Bank Österreich Funding Program 

The OeAD, the Austrian agency for international mobility and cooperation in education, science and research administers a database of scholarships and research grants: 

Additionally, the following website of the Austrian government provides general information about financial aid for students: 

If you have any additional questions regarding the scholarships, please do not hesitate to contact the Admissions Office.

Be aware

Applicants from non-EU countries applying for a "Residency Permit Student" in Austria should keep in mind that the immigration authorities require all applicants to present proof of having sufficient financial means to cover their cost of living for the first year (min. EUR 11.000). The overall amount that must be presented in advance at the time of applying! 

Residence permit – student no mobility programme | OeAD, Austria's Agency for Education and Internationalisation

See more details here: Living costs when studying in Vienna