Master in Business Administration

Negotiation and Dispute Resolution

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • Understand the main approaches to negotiation and apply basic negotiation preparation techniques to a range of given scenarios
  • Identify obstacles to successful negotiation and match appropriate solutions to overcome them
  • Appreciate how they and others commonly approach conflict situations, whether as individuals or institutionally
  • Analyze their own and others’ approaches to conflict, using tools gained during the course, and to devise strategies for overcoming conflict using negotiation and mediation techniques learned during the course;
  • Apply the skills acquired during the course to conflict situations commonly encountered in their own spheres of commercial and professional activity
  • Use the tools and skills acquired during the module to progress their own understanding and learning going forward.

Detailed Course Description

  • Understanding negotiation
  • Elements of negotiation , including multi-party negotiation
  • Negotiation and mediation tools and techniques
  • Understanding conflicts
  • The causes of conflicts and the dynamics of disputes
  • Perceptions of conflict
  • Approaches and systems for resolving conflicts
  • Dispute resolution involving third party decision makers