Master in Business Administration

European Union Policies

Course Description

• The EU policy fields

• The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) – structure and components • The Regional Development Policy/ Cohesion Policy – structure and components

• The functioning of EU policy and its intended effects

• Measuring the effects of EU policy

Learning Outcomes

The aim of this course is to develop students’ understanding of the key concepts and principles of EU policies. The course provides a practitioner´s view of the main EU policies. It will specifically deal with the EU policy of Regional Development and Territorial Cohesion as well as the Common Agricultural Policy as the two most important common policy pillars (in terms of EU budget) of the EU. It is intended to increase the student’s ability (1) to understand EU policy in general and its decision making process in particular which the student might find useful in his or her professional life and (2) to discuss relevant questions in a qualified manner based on factual arguments. To successfully complete this course students must: • Bring some interest in EU policies • Be prepared to discuss policy issues in an open and constructive way • Be open to a very interactive setting including group work and role playing • Be active in class and complete the pre- and post-module assignment


Bernd Schuh

Semester offered