Doctorate in Business and Socioeconomic Sciences

Research Profile Dimitris Christopoulos

Associate Professor, Dean of the MBA Programs, Department of Sustainability, Governance, and Methods.

Dr Christopoulos is actively seeking PhD students that may be interested in working on any of the following projects:

  1. Deforestation in Argentina.   To be linked to an international project (INCLUDE) that investigates the effects of policy networks on policy learning in Latin America.
  2. Climate Change policy Networks in Austria.  To be linked to a multi-national project (COMPON) that investigates climate change policy.  Develop Austrian data and case study.
  3. Women executives on Company Boards.  Investigating the mechanisms of constraint to female advancement be looking for evidence of a "glass ceiling" in senior appointments in Austria.
  4. The Motivation of Social Entrepreneurs.Develop the Austrian (and potentially a DACH comparative case) for exploring the motivation structure of prominent social entrepreneurs.  Can be tied with equivalent studies in the UK for comparative analysis.
  5. Syndication of Finance in the Venture Capital Industry.  A network science project to compare evidence of syndication from an existing data set.  Can be combined to mixed methods research with the collection of qualitative data.


Dr Christopoulos has supervised the following PhD students:

  • Stefan Koeppl, Heriot-Watt University, “Venture Capital Syndication in Comparative Perspective”  since March 2018, ongoing.
  • Laura Herzog, University of Bern, “Common pool resources and the dynamics of socio-ecological systems” awarded 2018
  • Surja Datta, University of the West of England ‘Outsourcing entrepreneurs’ awarded 2008.
  • Pavlina Nikolova, University of the West of England, ‘Europeanisation and Domestic Change’ awarded 2006.

Dr Christopoulos has been appointed external senior examiner to PhD theses committees at the following Universities:

  1. Curtin University, Australia, 2014
  2. University of Exeter, UK, 2012
  3. University of Bristol, UK, 2010, 2012 & 2015
  4. Universita Cattaneo, Milan, IT, 2011
  5. University of Greenwich, UK, 2010
  6. University of Bath, UK, 2008