Doctorate in Business and Socioeconomic Sciences

Research Profile Horst Treiblmaier

Horst Treiblmaier

Full Professor, Head of the Department of International Management

Description of Research Profile

I am the Head of the Department of International Management at MODUL University Austria. I received a Ph.D. in Management Information Systems in 2001 from the Vienna University of Economics and Business in Austria and worked as a Visiting Professor at Purdue University, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), University of British Columbia (UBC), University of Technology in Sydney (UTS) and the Kazakhstan Institute of Management, Economics and Strategic Research (KIMEP). I have more than fifteen years of experience as a consultant and have worked in projects with Microsoft, Google, and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO). Recently I have been active in the European Technology Platform ALICE (Alliance for Logistics Innovation through Collaboration in Europe). My research interests include gamification, the Physical Internet, human computer interaction, and success factors for innovative business models. I have published more than 100 peer-reviewed articles in academic journals, conference proceedings and books.

Gamification as a Means to Improve Learning and Education

Gamification is the use of game elements in non-game contexts. It is a concept which is increasingly gaining popularity in a variety of fields. Previous research has shown that the inclusion of gamification elements not only enhances individuals’ motivation, but also leads to long-lasting learning effects. This pertains to all levels ranging from pre-school to adult education. On a university level, gamification has the potential to improve students’ overall learning experience. I am working on a couple of gamification research projects together with colleagues from, for example, Harvard University and Hong Kong University.

The Physical Internet: A Comprehensive Value Network Concept

The Physical Internet denotes the idea that goods in the physical world can be routed similar to data packages on the digital Internet. Initially used as a metaphor, it has gained significant attention in recent years and an academic community has evolved around the concept. On a practical level it was used by the European Technology Platform ALICE (a think tank to advise the European Commission regarding the funding of logistics projects in H2020) to create concepts leading to more sustainable modes of transportation. I have participated in ALICE in recent years and I am now involved in a variety of projects with leading researchers in this field with the overall goal to create more sustainable and efficient value networks.

Selected Theses Supervised

1. Bauer, Bernhard. Zahlungssysteme im Internet (Online Payment Systems), 2008

2. Maida, Martina. How to Utilize Gamification to Increase Supply Chain Awareness (In progress)

3. Falschlunger, Lisa. Information Visualization Theory and its Implication on the Design of Tables and Graphs in Business Communication (In progress)

4. Putz, Lisa-Maria. Ermittlung der Veränderung von Wissen und Einstellungen bei Einsatz von Planspielen (Gamification) im Gütertransport mit Fokus Binnenschifffahrt (In progress)