Doctorate in Business and Socioeconomic Sciences

Research Profile Ulrich Gunter, PhD

Ulrich Gunter
Associate Professor, Department of Tourism and Service Management

Research Interests
Ulrich's research interest is in applied econometrics, with a particular focus on time-series analysis (including forecasting) and panel-data analysis. His current primary fields of thematic interest are the economics of tourism and of sustainability, while his earlier research focused on macroeconomics, monetary policy, and financial stability. Ulrich's research has been published in leading international scholarly journals (e.g., Annals of Tourism Research, Empirical Economics, Global Environmental Change, Journal of Forecasting, Journal of Sustainable Tourism, Tourism Economics, or Tourism Management), and has received external funding from various bodies (e.g., European Commission, Hochschuljubiläumsstiftung der Stadt Wien, or Vienna Chamber of Commerce and Industry).

Economics of Tourism 
Within the field of Economics of Tourism, Ulrich has mostly concentrated on topics in tourism demand analysis and tourism demand forecasting for different geographical levels, which include the still somewhat under-researched city level. In addition to investigating novel aspects of the contributions of traditional explanatory variables of tourism demand such as (relative) own destination prices, (relative) competing destination prices, or tourist income by applying state-of-the-art methodology, exploring the predictive power of ‘new’ indicators that measure the digital footprint of Internet users in a tourism context (e.g., Google Analytics, Google Trends, Instagram metadata, likes of posts on DMO Facebook pages, web sentiment indicators, etc.) has also piqued his interest. Recently, Ulrich has analyzed several aspects of the sharing economy such as identifying and quantifying the determinants of Airbnb demand, of Airbnb prices in a spatial context, or of the prestigious Airbnb ‘superhost’ status, as well as investigating the competitive standing of the Airbnb sector across European cities.

Economics of Sustainability
Within the field of Economics and Sustainability, Ulrich has worked on topics in sustainable tourism and in sustainable land use. Pertaining to sustainable tourism, he has worked on quantifying the contribution of international ecotourism to traditional economic development as well as to traditional and comprehensive economic convergence (conditional beta convergence) in the Central American and Caribbean region. Concerning sustainable land use, Ulrich has contributed to the investigation of the role of Indigenous Peoples’ and local communities’ land rights in agricultural expansion / land sparing in Latin America, both in a static and a dynamic panel-data context. The integration of these two topics is also a part of his medium-term research agenda that he is actively pursuing.