Doctorate in Business and Socioeconomic Sciences

Sustainable Management and Leadership

Leadership, communication and change management: It is a mathematical exercise involving not more than logic to show that the current trends in resources consumption and environmental degradation cannot be continued, not only for ethical reasons, but it is simply not possible. However, inertia against necessary or just desirable change does not need to relate to environmental issues, but everyday restriction in all kind of enterprises, organizations or institutions that develop in the one or other way. MODUL University provides an attractive interdisciplinary surrounding for the multifaceted investigation of leadership behavior and attitudes, its pre-conditions, its efficiency under various circumstances and its impacts on all stakeholders. There will be various opportunities to have the research supervised from managerial, economic or psychological standpoints.

Recently, the term ‘Physical Internet (PI)’ has generated a lot of attention among practitioners and academics alike. The PI us a global logistics system based on the interconnection of logistics networks by a standardized set of collaboration protocols, modular containers and smart interfaces for increased efficiency and sustainability. The introduction of the PI has opened a paradigm-breaking field encompassing the interconnectivity and interoperability of smart logistics networks, transportation systems, manufacturing systems and supply chains, enabling seamless open asset sharing and flow consolidation on a massive scale. It aims to transform the way physical objects are moved, deployed, realized, supplied, designed and used all around the world so as to improve by an order-of-magnitude the overall induced performance in terms of economic, environmental and societal efficiency and sustainability. Possible PhD topics include the assessment of the economic and evironmental impact of the PI using techniques of social science research as well as agent based modeling and scenario analysis.