Bachelor Specializations

Courses offered in the MODULE Business Administration:

  • Accounting and Management Control I & II (LX)
  • The aim of this course is to develop students’ understanding of the key concepts and principles of financial and managerial accounting.
    The focus of this course is on how accounting improves management decision making.

  • Marketing and Consumer Behaviour (LS)
  • The course will introduce students to the fundamentals of marketing. The focus is initially on marketing at a strategic level including consumer behavior theory, and later moves to the functional and operational aspects of marketing. Students will investigate the implications for marketing in today’s competitive and service-based industry.

  • Marketing Research & Empirical Project (LX)
  • This course provides fundamental insights into empirical methods for social sciences and offers an opportunity to trace the steps of an applied marketing research project. These steps broadly include: the design of research following a topic formulation, fieldwork and data collection, data analysis and presentation of findings.

  • HR Management & Management Development (SE)
  • This course will cover HR concepts and theories regarding the leadership of teams and team building/development. The practical application s of some of the theories covered in the course will be addressed and participants will have the opportunity to develop hands-on team facilitation skills.
    In the course of this class students will study the role, processes, and strategies for building and working together, being essential for HRM and Management Development. This involves the creation of collaborative climates for team performance, team member development, leading successful team meetings, and developing strategies for dealing with teams through. A major objective of this course is to provide several team leadership skills and strategies for students to learn and apply in their respective teams throughout the semester.

  • Operations & Supply Chain Management (IL)
  • The course gives an overview about the principles of operations and supply chain management, supply chain design and operating with special attention to services. It includes customer services strategies, quality management as well as performance measurement.

  • Organizational Behaviour & Corporate Social Responsibility (LS)
  • The course aims to help students gain an understanding of the field of organizational behavior. Students will obtain an understanding of basic concepts, principles and theories of organizational behavior, obtain knowledge of major aspects of the individual in the organization, organizational processes as well as human processes. Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to identify and evaluate theories as well as trends in management and to understand and assess the impacts of organizations and their structures on individuals.

  • Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Business Planning (LS)
  • The learning outcomes of this course is understanding entrepreneurial and small business management processes, developing innovative business ideas via creativity techniques, writing a sound business plan (multi-level and iterative research, planning, and strategy process) and selling a business idea (several coaching and presentation sessions throughout the semester).

Lecture type:
IL – Interactive Lecture, SE – Seminar, LS – Lecture/Seminar,
LX – Lecture/Exercise, PT – Practical Training