25 reasons to pick MU as seen on our Instagram

 1) The architecture is fantastic.

 2) The location is second to none.

 3) You'll love lunch on the terrace!

 4) You won't be able to get enough of the view!

 5) Blue skies and classic buildings.

 6) Make friends with the wildlife...

 7) and with our close-knit community.

 8) There's ice cream and snacks in the cafeteria.

 9) The campus looks great throughout the year.

 10) Spring...

 11) Summer...

 12) and Winter!

 13) There's always something going on.

 14) Study sessions look a little different.

 15) Even from the inside!

 16) Sometimes it rains...

 17) but the sun soon comes out!

 18) The campus gives you some magic moments!

 19) And some time to reflect.

 20) The students are pretty social.

 21) We partner with some awesome events!

 22) There's a pool within walking distance (really).

 23) We're real optimists!

 24) You're always only 5 minutes away from something beautiful

 25) That's why Austrian and international students love to call MU home!

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