Apply to represent MU at the GENIO Smart Hospitality Challenge in the Netherlands

Would you like the opportunity to travel to the Netherlands, expand your professional and practical hospitality experience whilst representing MU at an invite only event for the top 15 hotel schools in the world?


The MU Career Office are looking for a strong team of 3 BBA or BSc students to participate in the GENIO Smart Hospitality Challenge 2019. This is a fantastic opportunity for undergraduate modulians looking to solve real world problems in the hotel and tourism sector.

In order for MU to select the best of the best, we require each team to prepare a report consisting of two key values:

Task 1:

For this assignment your team has to pick at least 2 of the 6 topics as crucial for a hotel operation:

• Food
• Waste
• Energy (electricity and gas)
• Water
• Furniture & Amenities
• Linen & Laundry

Come up with a breakthrough innovation that tackles the sustainability challenges we face on the items you have chosen which can be implemented in real life within 6-12 months. Remember, try to focus on making an actual positive contribution to the environment, so don’t limit your thinking to ‘just’ reducing the negative impact. Include at least the following topics: - Motivate your topics of choice. - Description and visualization of your recommendations. - Detailed and underpinned explanation of technology involved. - The effect and involvement of the community. - The cost of implementation and potential return on investment.

Task 2:

Create an F&B concept that is innovative and makes use of the roof top terrace, has a positive impact on guest reviews and increase guests to enjoy time together in. This component requires you to create a never seen before concept that stretches the boundaries. Your concept should focus on providing the best F&B experience to the guests in non-traditional ways where you at least include the following topics:

- How to integrate outside vendors into this concept in an innovative and sustainable manner.
- How to stimulate "home cooking" and guests spending time together in the apartment; with innovative actions.
- What will you use the rooftop terrace and pantry for in your concept?
- How can you involve the local community?
- How does your concept compliment the (at least) two sustainability components?

Please send your submissions to eben.nelsymbolmodul.acpunktat no later than Friday, September 20th.