F&B startup Rebel Meat premiers new 'flexitarian' burger on MU campus


Regarding Rebel Meat
Part of the MU Startup Hub's FAB Accelerator at Modul University Vienna


The Rebel Meat Burger is the first product to be launched by Viennese food and beverage startup 'Rebel Meat'. The company, currently enrolled in the MU Startup Hub's FAB Accelerator based at Modul University Vienna, premiered the new style of burger at the MU cafeteria. Co-founder and COO, Philipp Stangl describes the experience:

"Being part of the FAB acceleration program allows us to have direct access to the students at Modul University Vienna and include them in our product development process, with the help of the staff at the MU cafeteria. Doing quick and uncomplicated tests allows us to quickly improve our product and avoid costly mistakes."

"Modulians are among the first people to try our brand new Rebel Meat burger at the Modul cafeteria in a real-world setting, when they are hungry after an intense Monday morning of studying. We will ask them for feedback in a questionnaire and, even more importantly, in direct talks after their lunch."

Rebel Meat helps consumers reduce their meat consumption and live healthier with our delicious products and thereby makes our food system more sustainable. Their first product is a burger that tastes exactly like meat, but has only 50% meat in it, thereby offering a solution for 'flexitarians' to eat less meat without compromising on taste. Rebel Meats aims to have their products sold in the best burger restaurants in town.

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