Interview with Master student Gerard Magloire

Master of Science student and graduate intern Samantha Mylocopos has sat down with Master in Sustainable Development, Management and Policy student Gerard Magloire to find out more about why he relocated from the US to Vienna and who has had the biggest impact on him since starting at MU.

1) Tell me a little bit about your bachelor degree

I started my undergraduate studies as an Agricultural Business major in Florida. After two semesters, my interests shifted more towards environmental and social issues and I decided to change majors. I graduated in 2017 with a Bachelor degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with classes in urban geography, sustainability, nutrition and French.

2) What attracted you to MU Vienna?

I first laid eyes on the MU Vienna campus in spring 2017 during a hiking trip to Kahlenberg. Initially, I was simply in awe of the view of the city but I later became curious about a small university campus with different languages written all over the main building. Later that year, I found the MU website and read about the Sustainable Development Management and Policy program and the mission statement of the university. After scouring the website for about two hours, my interest rose to a fever pitch and I immediately started filling out an application online.

3) What do you like most about your program?

I really enjoy the multidisciplinary nature of the SDMP program. During my undergraduate studies, I always wanted to mix and match courses that I felt complemented each other. In the SDMP program, I’m constantly discovering new connections between the environmental, economic and social issues. For most of my courses, the reading material is so interesting to me that I would enjoy reading it in my free time.

4) How does your program challenge you?

What I like most about my program is also what challenges me the most. The coursework challenges me in a way that makes me a better student but also causes me to think more holistically. I feel the SDMP curriculum is helping me to become more multifaceted, which I think is critical for graduates going into today’s tough job market.

5) What impact would you like to have on your chosen field after graduation?

After graduation, I would like to develop projects geared towards building sustainable communities. I hope to organize and promote local food networks and other food related community projects that deal with growing, cooking and composting. In the big picture, I want to promote novel ways of measuring happiness that are separated from consumption patterns and material possessions. People often confuse consumption with satisfaction and consequently reducing consumption with dissatisfaction. This way of thinking is prevalent cross-culturally and turns many away from living a more eco-friendly lifestyle. I want to show people that it’s possible to reduce their ecological footprint in a fun way that can increases their fitness, knowledge, relationships and overall quality of life.

6) Can you think of anyone who has had a positive impact on you whilst at MU Vienna? Who and how?

I’ve already met many bright, humble and hardworking people at MU Vienna and I can honestly say that I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with all my classmates, faculty and staff. In particular, I would say Dr. Sabine Sedlacek has had the most positive impact on me since I’ve arrived. She’s very accommodating, her lectures are always engaging and it’s truly a pleasure to be one of her students.