Keep motivated over Christmas break

Christmas is here and it’s time to relax! Or is it?

The holiday season is fully underway, with students, staff and faculty at MODUL University all preparing for a well-earned winter rest. But what’s that cramping your yule tide style like a sprig of holly up the jumper? Holiday assignments! If you’ve been assigned a few extra Christmas presents by your professors this break, don’t panic. We’ve got five tips to help you manage to have a break, see family and friends and get all that work done!

Plan your time

Be realistic and plan out the holiday. If you start with a solid schedule, you’ll be able to have time for a proper break, get to a few Christmas parties and also block off enough time to get your work done.

Ask Santa for a pencil

Motivate yourself by asking friends, family and even Father Christmas for the materials you need to get your work done. That way you’ll not only be ticking tasks off your schedule for your own benefit, but for St. Nick and the magic of Christmas! Yes!

Treat yourself

Getting work done over Christmas is a formidable undertaking. The drive it takes to get your assignment started could power Santa’s sleigh for many a Christmas Eve to come. That’s why it’s super important to reward yourself once you’ve completed a task.

Be prepared

It can be tempting to assume that the internet has all the answers and always will do. But this simply is not the case, so be sure to check out all relevant course materials from the University library in good time. Check with your professor which materials they can recommend and don’t forget to communicate with colleagues to hive mind your lecture notes!

Don't over-do it

Most importantly, don’t run yourself into the ground… It is still Christmas! With a proper plan in place there will be enough time to get your work done and enjoy whatever makes this time of year special to you.

Top tip: using Christmas night/day as a marker is always good. Rest before Christmas and get down to work in the week between Christmas and New Year.