Meet a current MU student: Naana Bodomo

My name is Naana Bodomo

I am from Ghana, currently enrolled in my third semester on the BBA Tourism, Hotel Management and Operations program.

The Bachelor of Business Administration in Tourism, Hotel Management and Operations is particularly tailored towards those students with no prior professional experience in the hotel or tourism industry. In two additional semesters (60 ECTS), students gain fundamental knowledge about the micro and macro structure of the industry.


What is an average day in the life of a Modulian?

Every day is different - some days I’ll only have one 90 minute course and on other days I’ll be in university from morning until evening. But in general every Modulian has to commute to Kahlenberg in one way or another, either by bus or car. I personally take the bus where 9 times out of 10 I’ll bump into a fellow Modulian  -  some of my greatest friendships have been formed on that bus. When we reach university, I’ll attend whichever courses I have that day. If I have a long break between courses I’ll go to the student lounge, join an event,  go to the library and study, or sit on the terrace if the weather is particularly nice that day.

What do you like about MU?

In terms of academics, I like the fact that student’s grades are not fully weighted on one final exam at the end of the semester like other universities. We get the chance to show our strengths in other ways, such as through practical skills, projects, or class participation. I feel that this better prepares us for the working world and allows us to let our other skills shine.

Even though we all have different backgrounds, we unite every day for a common purpose.

In terms of the community, I enjoy studying in such a diverse environment. As someone who has grown up all around the world, it makes me feel at home when I hear other people’s stories.