Meet a current MU student: Tina-Mengyuan Geng

My name is Tina-Mengyuan Geng

I am from China/Austria, currently enrolled in my third semester on the BBA Tourism, Hotel Management and Operations program.

The Bachelor of Business Administration in Tourism, Hotel Management and Operations is particularly tailored towards those students with no prior professional experience in the hotel or tourism industry. In two additional semesters (60 ECTS), students gain fundamental knowledge about the micro and macro structure of the industry.


What is an average day in the life of a Modulian?

An average day in the life of a Modulian would probably consist of waking up for breakfast at around 08:00. After breakfast we go to the University on Kahlenberg for the morning lectures. Everyone usually gets together at lunchtime in the campus canteen, and depending on your schedule probably attend more classes in the afternoon. Students usually end up going home at around 16:00, getting some dinner and studying for an upcoming quiz. I relax at the end of the day by watching TV before going to bed.

What do you like about MU?

Probably the best thing about MU is the people. As a small campus community, it's easy to meet people from all around the world and get to know each other, other cultures and different lifestyles. I also really like the size of the University itself.