New book closing the research gap between Blockchain and Sustainability to be edited by Dr. Horst Treiblmaier


Regarding Prof. Dr. Horst Treiblmaier
Department of International Management at Modul University Vienna


Prof. Dr. Horst Treiblmaier has been selected to edit a new book on the Blockchain by the Springer publishing group.

"Mankind is currently facing numerous existential challenges. Environmental damage, economic volatility and social unrest pose serious threats not only to humans, but ultimately to the diversity of life on Earth." says Modul University Vienna's Head of the Department of International Management.

"Creative solutions for myriad sustainability challenges are therefore urgently needed and modern technology might be an important means to tackle some of these threats. Blockchain technologies, which in the context of this book include all kinds of distributed ledger technologies, have the potential to impact many areas of modern life. Not surprisingly, several authors have already emphasized the potential of the Blockchain to foster sustainability, but systematic and rigorous research in this area is still scarce. This book will close this gap by providing a selection of papers that not only structure the research domain, but also present practical solutions."

In this new book, titled Blockchain and Sustainability: Fostering Environmental, Economic and Social Progress with Distributed Ledger Technology, Porf. Treiblmaier invites fellow academics to submit chapters describing the application of the Blockchain and related technologies to foster different aspects of these societal challenge areas. It is the goal of the upcoming publication to provide a conceptual overview as well as to present applications, experiences, and lessons learned pertaining to a wide variety of different sustainability areas.

For more information and to submit a chapter for consideration, please see the official call for papers here.

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