Six application sins as told by MU admissions


Before you click submit on your application, make sure you're not committing one of the six application sins of our admissions team!

Submitting an incomplete application

This one should be pretty obvious but occasionally it does happen. As interview places are limited, we cannot accept or consider any application which does not contain all the requisite information. If you submit an incomplete application, you can be sure it will be among the first to be rejected. It is possible to submit an application before you have received your results, certificates for high school exams or proof of English language tests, but the admissions team must be made aware of any potential gaps in advance so we can help you.

Submitting an incomplete CV

Similar to sin number one, think of this one as sin number 1B. An incomplete CV leaves just as bad an impression as an incomplete application. Your CV is your message to the professional world, so you want it to be current and easy to understand. Be sure to include dates and years for each of the milestones in your academic or professional career.

Your motivation statement does not refer to MU, Vienna or the study program

Some sins are slightly more forgivable than others (but only slightly). For some this may be the first time writing a motivation statement, and may be unsure what to include. What we’re looking for here is a bit more information about you. We want to see passion for the program, what you feel you can bring to your academic department and MU Vienna, as well as your individual character. Failing to mention the study program, MU Vienna or even the city of Vienna is a definite sin. Copy and pasting the same motivation statement for multiple applications? Close the browser and walk away.

Typos in your motivation statement

Definitely the most common sin on the list but a sin none the less. If you know spelling is not your strong suit, then why take the risk? Take a bit more time and use online tools such as Grammarly or the spell check function in Microsoft Word to make sure your letter of motivation is flawless.

Scans of documents are in low resolution or unreadable

All documents required for a complete application must be readable and scanned in high quality. If you do not own a scanner, this can be an organizationally awkward part of application process. However, we appreciate the extra effort and wouldn’t ask for them if these documents weren’t absolutely necessary. It is worth checking your scans before submitting your application, as illegible documents can delay the application process.

Unprofessional picture (selfie) as portrait photograph

It is understandable that not everyone has the time to ask a professional photographer to take business casual shots for your CV, applications and LinkedIn profile (although this is highly recommended to do at some point), but a selfie is an application no-go. A standard passport photo is acceptable, or simply ask a friend to take your picture against a plain background.

Need help with your application? Our admissions team are ready to help you! Please email your query to admissionssymbolmodul.acpunktat