Ownership and Governance

MU's Student Representatives - ÖH Modul

Founded in 1946, The Austrian National Union of Students' federal body of Representatives is the legal representative of all students to the competent ministries. Students in Austria are internally represented on 3 different levels where Representatives advocate for their interests. Since 2014, all students at private universities in Austria form part of Austrian Student Union (Österreichische HochschülerInnenschaft - ÖH).

Representatives at every university are being elected on a yearly basis.

Message from the Student Representatives

Dear Modulian,
We are your Student Union. We are here to help you in any and all ways that we can with your studies and your time in Vienna. We are an organization that consists of students who have been elected to represent the student body to the university and also provide representation for the students in all different committees of the university.
We are also here to provide you with all information that you need when it comes to living in Vienna. Of course we also host events and are ready to party with you!

What we organize within the MU community:

  • Educational Workshops
  • Heurigen To Go
  • BBQ
  • Charitable Events
  • Kick-Off Party
  • Semester Closing Party

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University Representation:

These are elected members of ÖH Modul (Election 2021):

  • Chairwoman: Julia Pulai
  • Vice-Chairman: Jakob Temmer
  • Vice-Chairwoman: Nicole Taviv

Student Representatives MU Bachelor Programs:

  • Raghda Albattal: 5 votes
  • Sven Tjark Klein: 3 votes

Student Representatives MU Master Programs:

  • Jennifer Hu: 2 votes
  • Sebastian Janke: 0 vote
  • Isabelle Christin Sorf: 0 vote
  • Katharina Ladurner: 0 vote

In Austria: National Representation (at the national level):

  • Voter turnout: 25,7%
  • Valid votes: 53.181
  • Invalid votes: 1.154 

Results (at the national level):

  • Aktionsgemeinschaft (AG): 21,0%
  • Grüne & Alternative Student_innen (GRAS): 21,7%
  • Verband Sozialistischer Student_innen in Österreich (VSStÖ): 24,6% 
  • Unabhängige Fachschaftslisten Österreichs (FLÖ): 10,5% 
  • JUNOS - Junge Liberale Studierende (JUNOS): 11,3%
  • Kommunistischer Student_innenverband - Linke Liste (KSV-LiLi): 4,5%
  • Ring Freiheitlicher Studenten (RFS): 2,7%
  • Kommunistischer StudentInnenverband (KJÖ) (KSV (KJÖ)): 3,7%